Fiona Mbabazi – Treasurer/Co-Founder

Mbabazi Fiona (Qwin) is an affirmative Feminist who is passionate about Human Rights Activism and envisions a just and free LGBTIQ Africa.

She has been a part of Uganda’s courageous LGBTI movement since 2010 and has served and volunteered in different capacities in the Sexual and Gender minority movement. She is an active public speaker in Uganda and offers consultancy services on both individual and organizational levels to boost the capacity of LGBTIQ activists.

In 2015, she was part of the incredible steering committee that organized Pride Uganda and is an Alumni of Human Rights Campaign Global Innovators Summit of 2016.

She is currently serving as the Director of Programs at Arc en ciel Centre for Community Action. She also volunteers as the Programs & Communication Officer at Queer Kampala International Film Festival (Queerkiff) and serves on the Board of The Equality Hub in Nigeria.